Bits and Bytes

August 4, 2007

>Troy Wolverton of The Merc that Apple’s fiscal third quarter earnings show that “The company’s Macintosh computer business is clearly the hero, hitting record sales numbers,” but that the jury’s still out on the iPhone.>TheStreet’s Vishesh Kumar reminds us of Silicon Alley 1.0 when he writes, “Shares of Amazon jumped nearly 27% in early trading Wednesday to $87.77 — a price not seen since the stock’s glory days in early 2000.” >Slate’s Farhad Manjoo tackles the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s new requirement that the city’s cabs install global positioning systems. “On Wednesday, though, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, an advocacy group that represents more than 8,000 drivers, threatened to strike over the new gear. The drivers’ worry: GPS route-mapping will turn passengers into backseat drivers, and it will let cab owners spy on drivers.”Author: Ron Mwangaguhunga


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