Fred Wilson On Facebook

August 4, 2007


(image via unionsquareventures)

Oftentimes it seems social networking “It” sites have a half-life of a week. In the past few years we have been through Friendster, then MySpace, and we are in the middle of a Facebook rennaisance. Jason Calacanis — Silicon Alley 1.0 avatar — is already declaring Facebook so over; Vanture Capitalist Fred Wilson — another Alley 1.0 Master of the Universe — begs to differ. From Fred’s blog:

” …it was with mixed feelings that I read Jason Calacanis’ post declaring Facebook bankruptcy. Jason’s as media savvy as they come, particularly new media. So he knows exactly what he’s doing with that post. He’s drawing attention to the problems with Facebook that have gotten glossed over as the techcrunch 50,000 have fallen in love with Facebook in the wake of the opening up of the service.

“…I differ from Jason. I’m not giving up. Because I think Facebook’s an important phenomenon, maybe as important as Google over time. That’s a big maybe, but you have to pay attention to maybes.”


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