YouTube Comes of Age

August 4, 2007


YouTube Comes of Age CNN’s experiment with bringing user-generated content to the usually staid Democratic Party debates drew mixed reactions. And, surprisingly, it was CNN – and not YouTube — doing much of the hyping beforehand. In two years, YouTube has gone from being the plaintiff in a billion dollar case brought by Viacom, to the incendiary method used to “Macaca” the George Allen re-election juggernaut in Virginia, to its present incarnation as the partner of one of the most respected names in journalism the world over, CNN.  

From TheStreet: “The event showcased the enormous clout that the two-year old video-sharing site commands. It was also a shrewd marketing move on YouTube’s part, giving its brand and unique user interface wide exposure. In a rapidly growing field that’s rife with new entrants, parading YouTube on the national stage again established it as a cut above the competition. 

“When YouTube opens us to video ads, advertisers may well be willing to pay a big premium over other user-created content sites given the friendly, household-name status the debate helped bestow on the company. 

“The debate also highlighted the power of this yet-to-be-realized Google asset, which has recently taken a back seat to the company’s more profitable pursuits. But as Google looks beyond search for new sources of revenue, investors should be reassured that YouTube’s reach and influence continues to grow at a blistering pace.” 

Anderson Cooper — CNN’s marquee name, and a celebrated hottie to boot – provided to the public face for the event.  MySpace, seeking to steal a page from the YouTube debates, is, according to WWD, considering Ivanka Trump to glam up the proceedings. Earlier in the week, there was buzz that’s Managing Editor Ana Marie Cox – not stranger to the hotness herself – was another name being mentioned as a possible “host.”

Ron Mwangaguhunga


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