Cuff Him, and Stuff Him!

August 10, 2007


And now for something completely different. A story so odd it could almost be a campaign issue for 2008. Silicon Alley firm Take Two Interactive — the makers of the hugely controversial Grand Theft Auto — has legal problems in the form of their former General counsel. Who would have thought that ultra-violent video games would be a bad influence? From the New York Times: ” Take-Two Interactive Software’s former general counsel, Kenneth I. Selterman, was sentenced yesterday to three years of probation for falsifying a letter to regulators. He is the third former executive from the video game company, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto series, to be sentenced in a stock option backdating investigation.

“Mr. Selterman, 52, was sentenced in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan as part of a plea agreement. On June 6, he admitted providing false information about employee stock options in a 2002 letter to Nasdaq. Take-Two’s former chief executive and former accounting chief have also pleaded guilty and received probation for falsifying records.” 

Further, from Gamesindustrybiz

“In February, the company’s former CEO, Ryan Brant, pleaded guilty to falsifying business records and received a sentence of five years probation and a USD 7.26 million fine.“Take-Two installed a new management team this year following the options scandal and five quarters of losses.” 

But that doesn’t mean that ultra-violent video games make you a bad person! 


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