Blogs Boost Bands

August 11, 2007


 Like, duh: Blogs boost bands. Jim Farber of The Daily News leaves the relative security of the “established way of doing things” (Averted Gaze)  to explore the Blogspots and the new music industry food chain of the New York music blogs (Which are also a form of social networking, but don’t get me started..):

” A funny thing happened to the band Voxtrot on their way up the food chain of fame.

“Before the Texas-based indie-rock group even released their first CD – when they had just a few, obscure local EPs in the market – their New York shows at clubs like the Mercury Lounge kept selling out. ‘We found that a lot of it came from local blogs, like Brooklyn Vegan and Central Village,’ says bandleader Ramesh Srivastava. ‘I don’t read them very much. But I guess a lot of people do.’

“Apparently so. Over the past few years, certain music blogs have developed loyal enough audiences, and bulked up enough credibility, to provide crucial boosts to bands on the make. Josh Deutsch, head of the indie label Downtown Records, says he signed the band Cold War Kids in part because ‘they were the No. 1 most blogged band at that time. After we signed them we launched an extensive blog campaign. We feel that blog exposure is consistent with the broad changes in consumption patterns across this industry.’

“In other words, blogs are where an increasing number of music fans are going to get their fix on what’s hip and cool. Sites like Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Central Village, and Gorilla Vs. Bear come trippingly to the tongue of music marketing types who’ve noticed their increasing ability to generate buzz. Joining them are literally hundreds of renegade sites, with fanciful names like Monster and Critics, Villains Always Blink, and (my personal fave) I Guess I’m Floating.”

 Better late than never, I guess. Full article here.


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