Jeff Jarvis Innovates

August 11, 2007


Jeff Jarvis — a high-speed Alleyish dynamo who seems to be a talking head on just about every tech and media show out there — slows down just enough so he can explain how he got a rather impressive thing done. Using the media and his clout, Jeff may have harnessed the blogosphere into doing good re: America’s infrastructure. From BuzzMachine:

 “This week, McClatchy’s Howard Weaver linked to my suggestion for the infrastructure project, mobilizing the public to gather information about crumbling public assets and sharing them on a map or wiki. The online editor of the Merced Sun-Star (newsroom staff: 25) saw it and two hours later, voilàla, the paper added a Platial/Google map to a regular feature in which readers tell the paper about problems in town and the paper reports on what’s happening and who’s responsible.

“…Note that innovation didn’t take a lot of time or a big staff or any geeks writing complex programs to complex specs. Somebody saw an idea and used available tools to just do it and then the paper will add what it can: promotion and reporting. Voilà.”

Voila. Kudos on advancing a brilliant — and timely — idea.


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