On The Gehry-Diller Collabo

August 11, 2007

Much ado has been made of Frank Gehry‘s IAC/InterActiveCorp Headquarters, a nine-story glass and concrete building located along the West Side Highway. The Guardian gives a rapturous — freakishly so — review of the Gehry-Diller collaboration:

Gehry has finally arrived in NYC — with a building that, fittingly, pays homage to the water. The IAC rises up from the old brick and rusting iron that is the meat-packing district of Chelsea like a shimmering white yacht, its sails puffed out in a gentle breeze. Viewed from the north, it really does appear to move, sailing southwards alongside the Hudson … The design is the product of a collaboration between Gehry and IAC’s chairman, Barry Diller. The motif of a sailing boat was selected by Diller — a keen yachtsman, who moors his super-yacht opposite the building at Chelsea Piers — from a range of possibilities proposed by the architect. Diller also stipulated that he wanted the building to be made entirely of glass.

The only negative note struck in this altogether too excited review is that the surrounding neighborhood is a “wasteland.” The best line in the piece by far: “… underlings, with their open-plan work stations, get to enjoy breathtaking views over the Hudson.” There’s something for everyone — even the underlings!


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