YellowJacket Gets $1.25 Million investment

August 11, 2007


(image via yjenergy

Greenhill SAVP has invested $1.25 million in Silicon Alley firm Yellow Jacket Software Inc., which “is a privately-held financial technology company specializing in energy trading solutions for the financial and energy marketplaces.” According to their press release:

 “Propelled by strong market adoption of its energy trading platform -more than 80% of today’s Weather derivatives market is quoted on YellowJacket – the firm has experienced significant growth since it was founded in 2002. The company recently expanded its focus into additional energy markets, including Natural Gas, Power and Crude, and now has a client base of more than 130 firms.”

“Our investment in YellowJacket reflects our enthusiasm about the company, its business model and technology solutions, and is an acknowledgement that it is uniquely positioned to best meet the complex needs of the energy trading marketplace,” said Brian Hirsch, Managing Director of Greenhill SAVP. “Greenhill SAVP is excited to be in the position to work together and help grow YellowJacket even more.”


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