NYT: Few people at NBC Universal Boasting about iVillage now

August 13, 2007


In the wake of the intense media speculation about NBC Universal acquiring Oxygen, its purchase of iVillage is recieving some scrutiny. On the face of it, the NBC Uni purchase of iVillage back in the day seemed to be a marriage in Heaven. But for whatever reasons, the integration of NBC’s woman-friendly programs and iVillage fizzled. Perhaps some of the blame has to go to NBC’s on-again, off-again flirtation with all things digital. From NYT:

“After it bought the Web site iVillage.com last year for $600 million, NBC Universal bragged that it had landed a digital darling. The women-focused Internet business was a perfect fit with the ‘Today’ show, executives said, and would turbo-charge their online efforts.

“NBC, which bought iVillage in 2006, had promoted the Web site through segments on ‘Today.’

“Few people at NBC Universal are boasting about iVillage now.”

Beth Comstock, NBC’s President of Integrated Media, defends the purchase which the article notes that GE Chief Jeff Inmelt has since described the $600 million as being “overpaid”:“You assume in the beginning that a mention on the ‘Today’ show will drive tremendous traffic, but it’s not that easy,’ she said. ‘We like where we are now, but boy did we have some tough learning.'” (NYT)

 Beth Comstock gets some blame in this article.


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