DailyCandy: “Awesome Chick Site”

August 14, 2007


Dany Levy and DailyCandy get profiled in today’s NYdailynews. The DailyCandy story is compelling for all ink stained wretches desiring to escape the comparatively low wages — compared to, say, an investment banker — of a writer living in New York. How did DailyCandy survive that dry gulch between 2000 and 2005, or so? DailyCandy worked lean. And Dany Levy was determined:

 “Her main inspiration was TheStreet.com, the investment Web site co-founded by one-time hedge fund titan Jim Cramer who Levy met while working at New York magazine.

“She took the $50,000 she’d saved to go to business school, hired a Web designer and an assistant, and started typing. Levy raised a total of $250,000, with most of the money coming from friends and family, according to Pete Sheinbaum, 37, a longtime business adviser who was named CEO of DailyCandy three years ago.

“The first DailyCandy went out on March 6, 2000, to 700 people, mostly her journalist friends and their pals.

“A big reason DailyCandy survived, Levy said, is because she refused to spend money on marketing, fancy digs and other indulgences that tanked many Web companies.

“But even without spending much – the company never borrowed money – her site’s clout spread. Levy said she knew she was on to something when she overheard women chatting at The Odeon restaurant in Tribeca about this ‘awesome chick site.'”

We agree.


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