MTV To Invest a Half a Billion on Gaming

August 17, 2007

Playing Video Game Haf a BILLION dollars, Mwahahahaha. The news that MTV Networks is investing half a billion dollars in games is probably a smart move. Considering the sales and popularity of Wii and gaming in general among the MTV demo, one almost wonders why they dropped Nick Butterworth’s old strategy of communites and even an online game show back in the day. And videos. Still, this can be seen as a move in the right direction for Digital Czar Mika Salmi. If only they had bought Facebook when they had the chance. From the press release (via CNNMoney): “‘Gaming is a focal point of our vertical entertainment strategy to superserve our loyal and passionate audiences with engaging experiences, and the success of all our properties, everything from AddictingGames to the virtual games on Nicktropolis to the award-winning Rock Band, really has put us in a leadership position,’ said Judy McGrath, Chairman and CEO, MTV Networks. ‘As we continue to take our brands narrow and deep to serve our targeted audiences, we are investing over $500 million in the next few years towards building our games business, worldwide, across all of the brands.'” 


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