Bits and Bytes

August 18, 2007

>”The largest college class in history (students ages 18-30) has evolved in three key areas: communication modality, purchase behavior, and concern over world issues. First and most operative distinction, technology has taken students out of the dorm room and morphed communication into mobile rapid fire exchanges fraught with pokes and alerts.”(Alloy Media)

 >”Women. The Mega Niche. The under-served market of all markets. And so on. Just consider the fact that women, who comprise just over 50% of the US population, make over 80% of the consumer purchasing decisions (and in case you’re wondering, consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of US GNP). Consulting firm A.T. Kearney estimates that women determine 80 percent of consumption, purchase 60 percent of all cars and own 40 percent of all stocks.” (Trendwatching)

 “, a leading web site for men ages 18 to 34 announced the launch of its new Husky Network. This is a premium video ad network that is created for video content across the internet.The network will wrap any video player with a CPM ad unit for brand advertisers. Husky gives advertisers access to graphics and includes its own vertical networks spanning the gamut of pop culture categories.” (Adotas)


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