Fred Wilson’s Vacation, Take 76

August 18, 2007

 In_the_air (image via avc.blogs)When last we left Fred Wilson, Silicon Alley VC, esq he was chillaxing in Greece. As we seethe and swelter in the New York summer heat, we wonder, deeply, just how did Fred Wilson get so rich when he seems to be in constant vacation mode. But, as they say: Don’t hate, congratulate. Still, there are multimillion dollar valuations to be monetized, and Fred’s — well, Fred’s presently Kiteboarding. From Fred’s Blog:

“I rode out to Lazy Point this morning and the wind was up, gusting to 30 mph and a constant 15-20 mph. It made for a tough bike ride but when I got out there, I got a show. The kite boarders were out in mass, taking turns riding the stiff breeze in Napeague Harbor.” 

Come on Fred, you gotta strike while the Alley’s hot!

Ron Mwangaguhunga


3 Responses to “Fred Wilson’s Vacation, Take 76”

  1. fred wilson Says:


    it’s a saturday in august


  2. It’s all in good fun, Fred. Blog love, Ron

  3. […] VC Fred Wilson chimed in with regards to our razzing re: his vacations to exotic locales and extreme recreations. From the […]

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