Top Commenters Can Become HuffPo Columnists

August 18, 2007


What is Arianna Huffington, former Gingrich confidante turned Progressive firebrand, is not an evil genius of the highest magnitude. The Huffington Post headed off the opposition at the pass. We were only waiting for the moment that the Left-populist blog was attacked for being “insidery” and “elitist” in it’s list of bloggers (Laurie David & Sheryl Crowe, Alec Baldwin, Ron Mwangaguhunga) while touting a political line about how “They” — the pigs feeding at the trough — don’t care about “us,” the ordinary American citizens (Or, as Arianna would pronounce it, “Cee-Tee-Zhenz”). The new process will be quite democratic, says Paul Berry on HuffPo:

“Our decision will be based on how many fans a commenter has, how often their comment is selected as a Favorite, and our moderators’ preferences. Every comment now has an ‘I’m A Fan Of’ link and a ‘Favorite’ link, so start voting for the comments and commenters you like best. We will announce the first commenter-turned-HuffPost-blogger in the next few weeks.”


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