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August 21, 2007

The image

>”Jeff Jarvis comments on his gig working as Mahalo’s ombudsman… oh wait, he says we don’t need one! I post a long response on his blog.Echovar meditates on the issue as well.” (Calacanis

>”Chris Vila, Mo Koyfman, and Lockhart Steele were given two hours to prep and cook six burgers on 30-inch Weber grills, with ingredients sourced only on the East End. Judges rated the burgers on a 100-point scale … In the end, Steele won with a 100 percent ground chuck burger, prepared with a dash of bread crumbs, onion zest, lemon juice, heavy cream, and olive oil, topped with white American cheese and a controversial tomato-corn relish. Some may have called foul, seeing as Steele publishes both the Beach and Eater, but with a winning score of merely 78.6, it was clear that no entrant had truly impressed the judges. ” (NewYorkmag)>  

>”In a bid to create a stronger competitor to Apple Inc.’s market-dominating iTunes Store, Viacom Inc.’s MTV Networks is set to announce today that it is merging its online digital-music offerings into a joint venture with RealNetworks Inc., the company behind the Rhapsody subscription digital-music service, according to people familiar with the matter.” (WSJ via Paidcontent

Ron Mwangaguhunga 


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