Bits and Bytes

August 28, 2007


>”Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker and their bosses at Comedy Central, a unit of Viacom’s MTV Networks, are attempting to leapfrog to the vanguard of Hollywood’s transition into Web. In a joint venture that involves millions in up-front cash and a 50-50 split of ad revenues, the network and the two creative partners have agreed to create a hub to spread ‘South Park’-related material across the Net, mobile platforms, and video games.The deal, signed Friday, begins with a three-year extension of the show and its creators’ contracts through a 15th season, in the year 2011, and gives Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker sizable raises, both in their salaries and in their guaranteed advances against back-end profits from DVDs, merchandising, syndication and international sales.” (NYT)

>”PORTFOLIO.COM: How is New York different than Silicon Valley?

“BLODGET: Well, for one, it holds open the possibility that the people running established businesses aren’t morons. Two, its digital economy is more diversified—the Valley has an awesome start-up culture but there’s a reason it’s so hard to get a flight into JFK. Three, we have better pizza.” (Portfolio)

>”Sprint Nextel will have a new sales pitch for New York area cellphone customers starting next year: faster wireless Internet speeds. In the latest gambit to build market share, the country’s third-largest wireless provider yesterday announced that it is teaming with Samsung Telecommunications America to develop a ‘fourth generation’ wireless Internet network in New York using new WiMax technology.” (NYPost) Ron Mwangaguhunga (Actually, all these posts are by me) 


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