Homethinking Founder, Niki Scevak

August 28, 2007

 Webnewser caught up with Alley-based firm Home Thinking founder Niki Scevak. Home Thinking  fosters transparency in real estate and helps home buyers by crawling through all the neighborhood data and boiling it all down to what each real estate agent has done — even interviewing the people whose houses the agent sold — and presenting it in an easy to read manner. Nice, huh?We asked Niki 5 Questions via email: 

Webnewser: Where do you see your company in 5 years?
 “Niki Scevak: Our aim is to distill huge amounts of information to help consumersmake high value decisions. So we’ll soon expand into areas other than real estate agents like mortgage, financial services and moving. Basically all the decisions a consumer might make around the time they decide to move to another home.

Webnewser: What is the best thing about your job?

Niki Scevak: Controlling my own destiny. We’ve created something that huge numbersof people use each month despite us being a very small company. Everything we do is used by actual consumers and has an impact. Also, because we are a very small startup there is zero bureaucracy.

Webnewser: When  did the idea to do this come to you?

Niki Scevak: I was reading the book ‘Moneyball’ by Michael Lewis. The book is aboutthe Oakland Athletics baseball team and how they discover players based upon objective data rather than solely the opinion of a scout. It seemed that we could do the same thing for homeowners and the real estate industry.

Webnewser: Best thing about NYC?

Niki Scevak: The diversity of the people in the city and the convenience. Literally,everything is on your door step.

Webnewser: Who do you regard as heroes?

Niki Scevak: Relatively few people but I’d have to say my Dad, Rupert Murdoch andBarry Diller. Probably in that order.”   

Ron Mwangaguhunga 


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