AmericanLife TV Joins VOD

September 4, 2007

The AmericanLife TV Network, which runs Baby Boomer-nostalgia-ish programming — sometimes, like in the case of “Hill Street Blues” and “St. Elsewhere,” quite good stuff — is joining VOD. The programming is not that bad — consider: “A Journey to Darfur” with George Clooney — considering their obviously limited budget. From the press release:

“AmericanLife TV Network is joining the video-on-demand party, offering up 20 hours of programming per month to any of TVN Entertainment’s more than 100 cable affiliates free of charge. The service launches Labor Day (Sept. 3).

 “Programs on the nostalgia-centric digital network’s new on-demand service fall into four categories:

“’Classic TV’ will feature such shows as Combat!, The Color Honeymooners and Mission: Impossible (in January).

“’Caring and Sharing TV’ features American Family, The Dr. Bob Show and specials such as A Journey to Darfur with George Clooney.

“’Cooking and Living TV’ features programming including This Food, That Wine, Embassy Chefs and Fixing Dinner.

“And ‘Lifestyle TV’ features Alive and Well, Flea Market Mania and Save Our House, Save Our Family.

“A quarter of the programming will be refreshed each week.”


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