Bits & Bytes

September 4, 2007


>”I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. Although I like to tell people I’m a Libertarian, I’m really not. I’m unaffiliated with any political party. In fact I can’t think of anything good that comes from political parties because they do just one thing, politics.When I vote in any local or state election, I vote for the candidate who I think will do the least.” (Blogmaverick

>”It is Columbia’s belief that Rubin will hear the answers in the music — that he will find the solution to its ever-increasing woes. The mighty music business is in free fall — it has lost control of radio; retail outlets like Tower Records have shut down; MTV rarely broadcasts music videos; and the once lucrative album market has been overshadowed by downloaded singles, which mainly benefits Apple. ‘The music business, as a whole, has lost its faith in content,’ David Geffen, the legendary music mogul, told me recently. ” (NYTimesMagazine

>”The fall TV season is about to start and every major network is trying to recreate their most-watched series for online consumption. ABC is bringing an extra third hour of Good Morning America to the web on Tuesday, TVWeek reports. While ABC’s new broadband extension, called GMA Now, comes a week before NBC adds a fourth hour to its morning warhorse, The Today Show, the network says the online program’s debut is unrelated to its rival’s moves.” (Paidcontent)

>”HDNet‘s Redacted, an original movie on Iraq by Brian De Palma, stunned the Venice Film Festival this past weekend; its HDNet premiere date has not been announced. [Reuters | Globe & Mail]” (Cable360)

 >”As students head back to school, they’re chatting up all things Apple (AAPLCramer’s TakeStockpickr) — iPods, iPhones and so on. And it’s that buzz that makes Apple the ultimate back-to-school stock play, Jim Cramer said on a TV video Tuesday. ” (TheStreet)

>”When I first asked Kenny Herman how he knew N3 Co-Founder, Emil Rensing, he smirked and said, “it’s a long story.” Yet what I was able to get out of him is that after years of friendship and working together on some Spike TV projects, Kenny was prepared to take on the role as our Automotive Network Manager. Not too shabby for this recent Albany grad. He and the FLD Team have broke some exciting news since his arrival in June. Most recently they posted highly coveted photos of the Porsche Panamera which until now had not been widely available. This Labor Day weekend, marks Fast Lane Daily’s 150th episode and with Kenny at the helm, they’re bound to see many more.” (NextNewNetwork)

>”Ad-supported online music service SpiralFrog, one of 2006’s candidate’s for most-hyped new product, and still half-vaporware (it has launched a closed beta), has filed its detailed financial with SEC, though I am not sure what triggered the Form 10SB filings (it is a private company). A good picture of its slightly-dire financials, or at least when it ran out of money and the management changes.” (Paidcontent)

>”Much of the Internet business strikes me less like a garage model, with that suggestion of tinkering, and more like the famous conversations about the permutations of socialism in the New York City College cafeterias of the 1930s—ours, however, are about the permutations of technology and information. And they take place on conference calls.” (VanityFair)


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