Blogging Fashion Week

September 4, 2007


I have a pet theory: The massive amounts of information that need to be conveyed — and consumed — at breakneck speed makes blogging the perfect medium to communicate all that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Even daily newspapers get left behind when it comes to the sheer massiveness of Fashion Week, from the parties, to the gossip to the trends of the season. Paper Magazine is stepping a toe into those experimental waters, utilizing three colorful bloggers well known to the fashionistas — Fabian Basabe, Olivia Palermo and James Coviello. From Basabe:

 “So, Fashion Week begins today — that seven-day stretch beneath the tents in Bryant Park, where designers flaunt their latest fashions, models run naked behind the stage, and champagne and celebrities are equally abundant. Seasoned fashionistas are gearing up. Many household names return to claim their coveted front-row seats, while the newbies decide who they’ll latch onto this fall for a few freebies and a photo-op. And some others, my God, have no business being here.

“The parties… the pictures… I assure you, what happens during Fashion Week does not stay at Fashion Week. From behind their dark glasses — everyone is watching. And if they aren’t, well, that’s where I come in.

“By no means am I actually involved in the fashion industry. I am a guest… a personality… a friend of fashion, if you will. I have many relationships with genius talents and pretty faces, and will introduce them to you one by one throughout the week.”

 More (Papermag)


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