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September 10, 2007

>”CollegeHumor’s audience rose from 4 million to 7 million users and increased ad sales allowed us to hire our first employee to work with us in our fifth bedroom office. Subsequently, we established office hours and wore pants to work. Most importantly, we made contacts that were out of grasp when we worked from San Diego. Nick Denton, who motivated by goodwill or his swelling crush on Ricky, I’m unsure, introduced us to everybody we needed to know, to teach us how to scale big. And, that’s how we met Rebecca Mead. The writer who interviewed us for months and went on to write an article entitled Funny Boys, which was published in the New Yorker on January 24, 2005. And that’s when everything changed. When good became great.” (ZachKlein via Jossip)

>”The media guru who brought us 60 Minutes has a new idea: Take a miniversion of the regular ratings leader to the Internet and target the most-sought-after spending group, affluent college kids. ‘I look around and I see an awful lot of corporations that stay out of television news because they can’t reach the demographic they want,’ CBS newsman Don Hewitt tells us. ‘So I’m trying to reach it for them.’He’s got a platform: CBS’s U-Wire, the college press Internet site. A name: ‘Anything Goes, as in Cole Porter’s Anything Goes.'” (USNews via IWantMedia

 >”Town and Country Travel, a quarterly magazine and spin-off of Town & Country, has officially launched their online presence at

>”The push to deliver more shows through the Web comes as networks have started seeing dollars roll in from this new type of broadcasting. James McQuivey, an analyst with Forrester Research, said revenue from downloads and ad-supported video streaming could reach around $800 million this year. Adams Media Research forecasts that number could grow to around $6 billion by 2011. The ad-supported strategy builds off a series of experiments started by the networks last season, when episodes of hit shows like ABC’s ‘Lost’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ and NBC’s ‘Heroes’ were offered as free video streams.” (NYPost

 >”(Dick) Parsons likes the vineyard because it’s the opposite of his day job. ‘What I have to wrestle with all the time is digital technology,’ he says. ‘How is it changing my world? What does it mean to music? What does it mean to film and television? How is it going to change the advertising paradigm for the magazines?’ He holds up his glass. ‘You can’t digitize this!’ Presumably Murdoch doesn’t allow himself such soul-searching. But that’s part of Parsons’s affable appeal. Still, being a likable titan can be a burden. Parsons won’t walk down the street anymore. He can’t. ‘People come up to you just ragging you out,’ he says. ‘My cable thing went out, I didn’t get my magazine, I moved my AOL forwarding thing, whatever they say!’ And as he’s saying all this, Alec Baldwin, another member of his stogie club, comes up and gives him a bear hug. ‘You know how much I love this man?’ Baldwin says. ‘I love this man so much I won’t complain about my AOL account!'” (NewYork via IWantMedia

 >”Video game publisher Take-Two Interactive (TTWOCramer’s TakeStockpickr) posted a narrower-than-expected third-quarter loss and guided the full year in line with its revised expectations. The company had cut its outlook last month on news of the delay of its key game, Grand Theft Auto IV. ” (TheStreet)

 >”Chicago Tribune’s Maureen (“Mo”) Ryan (via Ain’t It Cool News) reports that SCI FI Channel may be planning to spool out those final Battlestar Galactica episodes – all the way to 2009. The fourth and farewell season of the Peabody award-winning Battlestar was expected to launch sometime during 1Q ’08.  (The two-hour Battlestar tv movie prequel, Razor, premieres November 24.)According to Ryan, Battlestar actors appearing onstage at Atlanta’s DragonCon over the Labor Day weekend spilled, saying that the twenty-episode season will be split into two blocks.  The first half of the final season will launch February ’08 but the back half won’t be coming up for air until February ’09 – at least according to reports filtering out from the con.” (Multichannel)

Ron Mwangaguhunga


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