Buried Treasure: New York’s Hidden Technology Sector

September 10, 2007


Moneywise Silicon Valley has it all over the Big Apple. But as far as skilled workers goes, New York trumps the left coast. This news may come as a suprise. As someone who has worked in or around Silicon Alley since 1997, New York has never had this honor. Apparently it is because the various surveys never counted the embeds — those who work as web designers and system analysts in companies that may not be completely tech oriented. From The New York Times:

 “The report, ‘Buried Treasure: New York’s Hidden Technology Sector,’ does something that research institutes and magazines that rate cities rarely do: Along with counting heads at innovation leaders with outposts in Manhattan, like Google, Microsoft and I.B.M., it counts the high-tech workers it says are “embedded” in other sectors, like research and development departments at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Tiffany & Company.

“Do the math that way, and the New York Metropolitan Statistical Area, which covers southern New York and northern New Jersey, has nearly 620,000 technology workers, two and a half times as many as Silicon Valley and nearly twice as many as Boston.”

 Anyone else love that “60 Minutes” piece on Geeks last night?


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